26 Steps To Becoming An Amazing Dancer As Told By “Center Stage”

Looking to upgrade your moves? Your favorite worst-slash-best dance movie has all the answers.

1. First thing’s first. You gotta work on your turnout.

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2. Rehearse like crazy. Practice makes perfect.

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3. Here’s a fun and easy move for you to start with.

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4. Next, you can try this jump:

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5. This one’s a bit more advanced…

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6. Holy crap, you’re good.

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7. What the fuuuuuuckkkkk, dude?

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8. When dancing with partners, don’t drop your partner.

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9. Partner dancing tip #2: Show devotion to your partner.

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10. Remember: turnout, damnit.

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11. Sometimes you need to get away from ballet and try different dance forms, like jazz. Ready?

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12. If you’re a dude and shaking that ass, do it with your hands in the air.

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13. If you’re a lady, keep your arms close to your body before shaking your groove thang.

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14. You can also try salsa to spice things up.

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15. Because that might bring some attitude back to your style.

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17. But don’t let that stop you. When things get rough, you have to know where to look.

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18. Some dancers smoke and while this isn’t advised, you should know how to put your cigarette out like a boss.

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19. Now on to performing and choreography…make sure to have tricks up your sleeve.

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20. Sometimes, a last minute change-up can completely transform the performance.

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21. Good choreography always involves some sassy get-out-the-way moves.

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22. Wave ‘em in the air like ya just don’t care!

ID: 918476

23. Get your girls to back you up.

ID: 918479

24. Don’t worry about messing up on stage. Just go into it like this:

ID: 915894

25. Because then you’ll totally look like this:

ID: 915438

26. Phew! Now you’re a dancer!

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