26 Signs You Grew Up In NYC In The ’90s

Being a city kid was pretty damn great.

1. Your field trips were here. Also, you laughed at the stupid tourists who paid the full ticket price. Real New Yorkers know it’s donation-based.

ID: 891401

2. You saw this everywhere. (But had no idea what it meant.)

ID: 890733

3. You hung out at the Chelsea Piers bowling alley because they served beer and their method of “checking IDs” was to inspect your credit card. Or library card. Any type of card, really.

ID: 890777

4. Cabs looked like this: boxy.

ID: 890813

5. And the subway often looked like this.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 890828

6. And you needed one of these to ride it.

ID: 890910

7. You got your shampoo at Love. (RIP, right?)

ID: 891114

8. Nobody lived here. And you think it’s kinda weird that they do now.

ID: 891158

9. Remember Woolworth’s?

ID: 891206

10. After school, you and your friends would try to get on “TRL.”

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
ID: 891487

11. You got to experience the original FAO Schwarz. Not the sham it is today.

ID: 891260

12. St. Mark’s was a cool place to hang out. Now it’s totally cheesy. Actually it was cheesy back then too, but we just didn’t know it.

ID: 891371

13. Or Sony Wonder. Because it was free.

ID: 891390

14. Cartoon Network supplied you and your friends with delivery weed.

ID: 890718

15. If you were too cool for school, you went to shows here.

ID: 891814

16. Otherwise: all-ages shows at the Knitting Factory!

ID: 891828

17. You watched the “Robin Byrd Show” in secret.

ID: 891459

18. Eeyore’s bookstore was the best.

New York Magazine / Via
ID: 891695

19. Did you also get your fake ID at some super-sketch men’s clothing store on Christopher Street?

ID: 891770

20. You shopped at Canal.

ID: 891804

21. You bought your CDs here.

ID: 891917

23. As a kid, you maybe bought your shoes at Harry’s.

ID: 891952

24. Birthday parties at Wollman Rink!

ID: 891963

25. This was your backyard.

Mario Tama / Getty Images
ID: 891441

26. And this was your skyline.

Al Bello / Getty Images
ID: 891408

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