20 Mind-Blowing Color Pics Of Early 1900s Paris

Seeing history in color makes it so much more exciting.

Paris in black and white may win in the nostalgic and dreamy departments. But seeing these rare, full color photos of Paris between 1907 and 1930 is downright eye-opening. These were shot in direct color using the Autochrome process developed by the famous Lumière brothers.

All pics from paris1914.com via curiouseggs.com.

ID: 832903

1. Soldiers hang out at the Exelmans métro stop.

ID: 832798

2. Hôtel de Ville, city hall of Paris, all dressed up.

ID: 832799

3. The Grand Palais, an historic exhibition site where Chanel usually has its fashion shows.

ID: 832801

4. A girl rides a Razor Scooter down Avenue Hoche in 1914.

ID: 833026

5. Rue de Rivoli.

ID: 832820

6. Notre Dame, looking as awesome as ever.

ID: 832829

7. Général Le Peg.

ID: 832803

8. Les Invalides.

ID: 832805

9. An entrance to the Place des Vosges looks eerily similar to how it does today.

ID: 832826

10. Looking down Quai des Orfèvres, you can see the top of Notre Dame in the distance.

ID: 832986

11. Looking down Île Saint-Louis.

ID: 832827

12. A rare color view of the flood of 1910.

ID: 832808

13. You know this one.

ID: 832809

14. Flower sellers at La Madeleine.

ID: 832813

15. The Eiffel Tower doesn’t make this cool light show anymore!

ID: 832818

16. Bully shoes!

ID: 832819

17. Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis in 1914.

ID: 832822

18. Looking over the Seine, Notre Dame in the distance.

ID: 832825

19. Fireworks!

ID: 832800

20. The Pathé Gobelins movie theater in 1918.

ID: 832876

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