18 Things About L.A. Gear That’ll Make You Cringe

This ’80s/’90s brand is now iconic…but for horribly embarrassing reasons. “Streetdancers for men” being just one of them.

1. Streetdancers for “men.”

ID: 949038

2. The ad with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in spandex short-shorts and high socks.

ID: 948905

3. The ’80s commercial with Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boyfriend…Santa Claus. Shudder.

ID: 949126

4. These girls who think ice cream floats are the shit.

ID: 948913

5. These girls who look even cooler than the ice cream girls.

ID: 949012

6. The look on that girl’s face. And the Ryan Gosling wannabe.

ID: 948927

7. There was that time when Paula Abdul was an L.A. Gear spokesperson…

ID: 949014

8. And when Paula Abdul did a commercial that went like this…

I still burn toast.
I still get colds.
I still listen to my mom.
But no one tells me how to dance.

ID: 949078

9. Michael Jackson with tights under ripped jeans and a bunch of kids.

ID: 949096

10. Michael Jackson in an auto shop with this kid. Who has awesome hair. And is demonstrating to Michael how to use a steering wheel.

Michael is clearly humoring him because there are zero reasons why he needs to use a steering wheel.

ID: 948916

11. Michael Jackson with another kid, who is clearly a punk.

ID: 949027

12. Michael Jackson with a little girl on his knee.

ID: 949101

13. Michael Jackson and another kid.

ID: 949110

14. When Joe Montana also worked with L.A. Gear. And they branded “Street Hiking” as a thing.

ID: 949054

15. This totally-not-sexist ’80s commercial with Kathy Ireland.

Kathy on cars or shoes or women or all of the above: “They’re responsive, temperamental, very expensive, and they have great curves. And if you try and start them too fast, they stall.”
Definitely-not-gay dude: “You’re such a brat!”

ID: 949119

16. Okay, so these kids are kind of cute. Still…Acid. Wash. Jeans.

ID: 949154

17. And you wore these. Which makes you cringe…even though it kind of makes you cool.

“You gotta own the night if you wanna own the light.”

ID: 949143

18. Except this kid? Really? With L.A. Gear. The romance — whatever was left of it — is forever ruined.

ID: 949149

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