17 Reasons Why You Really Need To Watch “Undeclared”

This single-season show was basically Freaks and Geeks at college and a portrait of the year 2001. Case in point: an episode involving that song “How Bizarre.”

1. Judd Apatow produced this show right after Freaks and Geeks, and it’s all about awkward, post-adolescent comedy.

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2. The lead is Steven, a dude who doesn’t do a great job of hiding the fact that he’s a dork. He is you.

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3. Like I said, he is you.

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4. But, actually, the early 2000s references alone are what now make this show even better.

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5. The sexy guy from Sons of Anarchy is on it, playing a sexy guy.

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6. A young Jason Segel plays an older dude who works in a copy shop. Watching him go through heartbreak is the best thing ever.

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8. Seth Rogen!!! Whose surprising performance as a stoner dazzles.

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9. The guest roles and cameos are kind of insane. Amy Poehler plays an R.A.!

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10. Ben Stiller as Jason Segel’s mom’s ex, named Rex. REX.

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11. Aw, Jenna Fischer.

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12. And there’s the episode where Adam Sandler plays Adam Sandler. This was awkward. And glorious.

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13. Will Ferrell made an appearance as a speed-addicted genius who wears handsome Hawaiian shirts.

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14. And let’s not forget that pretty much every episode of Undeclared nailed everything about college. Like learning: WHY IS THIS SO HARD.

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15. Remember this guy who was at every party?

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16. And enduring the torture of having roommates with horrible taste in music.

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17. But the best thing might be that this pillowcase with Jason Segel’s face on it exists in this show. You’ll see why.

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