16 Signs That You Are Clarissa Darling

This explains it all.

1. You wore hipster glasses before they were cool.

ID: 1341520

2. You find ways to subtly let people know that you’re awesome — like, see how much you’re into your local radio station?

ID: 1341492

3. This is a basic breakdown of your brain.


ID: 1341453

4. You really get along better with boys.

ID: 1341569

5. You’re really good at arguing.

ID: 1341438

6. Cooking? Ain’t no thang.

ID: 1341446

7. Your battles with your siblings were epic.

Stupid Ferg face.

ID: 1341465

8. LOL, YOLO? Puh-lease. You make your own abbreviations.

You are 100% hilarious.

ID: 1341344

10. You haaaaaate birthdays.

C’mon. You got no time for this shit.

ID: 1341482

11. You made some experimental decor choices that didn’t always please your parents.

And maybe you still do. Your mom just doesn’t get you.

ID: 1341695

12. You’re a feminist.

ID: 1341494

13. You may be a creative, but you also have a mathematical side to you. Especially when you can explain things in pretty charts and graphs.

ID: 1341498

14. You have some childhood moments that you just can’t explain.

Or, explaining to others what your family is like… is just impossible.

ID: 1341641

15. You definitely kick butt. Even if it’s just in your imaginary, half-animated montage.

ID: 1341426

16. But above all, your style is pimpin’.

ID: 1341432

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