15 Adorable Relics From The Olsen Twin Archive

Rare gems from the early years include revelations about Ashley’s pet hamster and how she’d wear it.

1. From a 1990 “TV Guide”: Is Michelle Tanner eating the fake snow?

ID: 887127

2. Ginormous t-shirts FTW.

ID: 887134

3. Can someone fill out this form to see if we can still win those Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls? Kthanxbye.

ID: 887138

4. Mary-Kate’s first crush in ‘92: a miniature horse named Four-by-Four.

ID: 887150

5. Confirmed awesomeness: In ‘93, they tell “Disney Adventures” that their favorite show is “Salute Your Shorts.” Donkey Lips 4 lyfe.

ID: 887152

6. Always pushing style boundaries, here the twins model an unconventional combo: pajamas and sneakers.

ID: 887278

7. “Ashley Sez: We have a hamster named Cocoa, I put him on my head and walk around!”

ID: 887159

8. From a young age, the girls began developing complex, multi-faceted personalities. They could be rough, hardened by a life of too much goodness.

ID: 887258

9. Or they could be carefree and whimsical (and gracious for indulging tabloids in tacky photoshoots).

ID: 887166

10. OMG, space camp?! So jealous.

ID: 887172

11. Getting highlights at a fancy salon in 1997. What you wouldn’t have done to be in on this girls’ beauty day.

ID: 887182

12. Wait, they don’t like Hanson, Leo, the Spice Girls? This has to be a mis-print.

ID: 887196

13. Here’s that time they dressed like The Nanny for their 1998 calendar.

ID: 887232

14. And the time they made this trend look so cute in their 1999 calendar.

ID: 887440

15. But the best might be how they greeted Y2K: by posing on this very uncomfortable looking version of the number 2000.

ID: 887463

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