14 Essentials You’ll Need For Your Next Rave

Which happened 12 years ago.

1. Exposed midriff. Here, three rave aficionados display varying degrees, including the tasteful strategic rip.

ID: 807830

2. Parachute pants, preferably of the glow-y variety.

ID: 807881

3. Assortment of plastic and candy necklaces. Bonus points for Elmo backpacks.

ID: 807824

4. Unce, unce, unce.

ID: 808144

5. Lollipops. Tastes so good.

ID: 807904

6. Any one of the designs from this fashion show.

ID: 807959

7. Puffy vests! Undershirt optional.

ID: 807963

8. Accessories fashioned from the Chuck E. Cheese ball pit, 2-4 lbs.

ID: 807965

9. Gonna need at least, like, 10 of these.

ID: 808030

10. Spiky hair and don’t forget to dress your tongue in cool colors.

ID: 807902

11. Fuzzy boots and platform shoes to take you higher.

ID: 807968

12. Hairstyle featuring minimum 2 buns.

ID: 807979

13. Glowsticks!

ID: 807974

14. And of course mad skillz to use them.

ID: 808070

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