12 "Mister Rogers’" Episode Descriptions Which May Or May Not Sound Like Acid Trips

It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood.

All plot episode descriptions courtesy of Wikipedia.

ID: 842284

1. Season 1, Episode 2

“Rogers shows how a burlap bag can be many different things when one imagines it. Betty Aberlin suggests to wear it as a cape, which she does as a border guard. Meanwhile, King Friday takes no chances for this if an invasion occurs.”

ID: 841639

2. Season 1, Episode 18

“At the Television House, Rogers talks about his boyhood days when he did not practice a clarinet.”

ID: 841658

3. Season 1, Episode 63

“Rogers warms some wiener buns in his oven so that Chef Brockett and Mr. McFeely can enjoy them.”

ID: 841753

4. Season 1, Episode 66

“Rogers dictates how all toys do what you want them to do.”

ID: 841768

5. Season 1, Episode 77

“Lady Aberlin enlists several teenagers to try and entertain King Friday.”

ID: 841830

6. Season 1, Episode 99

“The Neighborhood of Make-Believe celebrates Scottish Day.”

ID: 841933

7. Season 2, Episode 10

“The Castle holds a fashion show of many wedding garments.”

ID: 841983

8. Season 3, Episode 36

“A fish in Rogers’ tank has died. Rogers buries it and, with Bob Trow’s help, constructs a tombstone with a pentagon that bears a fish drawing.”

ID: 842062

9. Season 20, Episode 3

“Wearing a lei of peanut shells as he enters, Rogers promotes reading the rest of the week.”

ID: 842102

10. Season 20, Episode 10

“Mr. McFeely brings a goat into the television house to dispel a few myths. Mrs. Dingleborder and the goats of Northwood complement each other’s plans to solve the appalling garbage crisis.”

ID: 842153

11. Season 21, Episode 11

“Rogers recalls a raccoon dance first performed two decades before, by using a toy raccoon.”

ID: 842192

12. Season 23, Episode 1

“Rogers and Mr. McFeely ride an elevator and an escalator in a mall, to compare the differences.”

ID: 842281

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