11 Early Indications That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Destined For Eternal Cuteness

I mean, just look at that punim. A look back at a young JGL and the era of the ponytail.

1. Rockin’ a backwards newsboy cap. Always classy.

ID: 854530

2. Were people calling him Joey back then?

ID: 854550

3. That ’70s Joe?

ID: 854554

4. JGL is pretending you’re hugging him.

ID: 854564

5. The leopard tie is killing me.

ID: 854579

6. Still lovely sporting a bob.

ID: 854566

7. Hello, pinstriped bad boy.

ID: 854568

9. No, seriously. STOP.

ID: 854575

10. Many women would pay good money just to have that beautiful luster in their manes.

ID: 854585

11. Here he is a bit older, but still: alsdkjfa;ljqpwoigrkamdf;lk.

ID: 854569

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