Trashy Goes Classy

Not many can pull off the “fabulous after just waking” look (unless your Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.) Looking perfectly unkempt is an art, so head back to the drawing board because looking dirty is now fresh in fashion.

Trashy Goes Classy

Fresh and dirty. Hours of effort into hair and wardrobe, and looking as if you rolled out of bed. All opposites? Or soul-mates? Looking perfectly unkempt is an art, so head back to the white board because grunge fashion is coming back full force.

Our first lesson in “pretty in punk” can be taught by English supermodel Cara Delevigne. No one rocks un-swept hair and un-washed jeans like this big-browed beauty. Delevigne’s street style is a combination of sophisticated and wacky, but she works the street as great as she works the runway.

Grunge it up: Try rocking the neon beanie like Delevigne. You can spice up any outfit with this closet staple, not to mention it’s a perfect savior for those bad hair days!

Lesson number two is taught by who other than the grunge queens themselves: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The trendsetting twins can not only teach us how to “prune” pout properly, but MK and Ash are experts on how to make the “homeless look” haute.

Grunge it up: Try wearing over-sized, well, everything. The anything but over-sized Olsens love to rock the over-sized coats, scarves and of course, sunglasses. Also, try to make sure your outfit does not match…at all. Somehow the twins make mismatching captivating.

“Cool” tip from the Olsens: Hold a veinti Starbucks at all times. It can be empty; no one will know.

So ladies, tell your little sis to hand back up those hand-me-downs, because the ripped jeans, flannel shirts and neon beanies you’ve long forgotten are ready for their close-up.

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