10 Fans LIVING For Sailor Moon

Showing their eternal love for the sailor-suited soldier:

1. THIS girl beating her face like Sailor Moon

Anastasiya Shpagina / Via

2. THIS guy drawing Sailor Moon

3. THIS guy shredding Sailor Moon

331Erock / Via

4. THIS girl crying for Sailor Moon

AuroraPeachy / Via

5. THESE Sailor Boys vs Sailor Girls

Short Fuse Pinups / Via

6. THIS violinist playing Sailor Moon

Sefa Emre İlikli / Via

7. THESE people gasping at Sailor Moon

KokoroNoKawari / Via

8. THIS film crew acting like Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon The Movie / Via

9. THIS guy transforming into Sailor Moon

Evan MacIsaac / Via

10. THIS Orchestra recording Sailor Moon

iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra / Via

And Peter Griffin

Fighter4luv / Via

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