15 Things On Your Facebook Newsfeed That Make You Want To Scream

If you happen to be guilty of more than one of these things, please know that we don’t hate you, we just highly consider de-friending you on a daily basis.

1. A status about how great someone feels because they volunteered their time to people in need today.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via http://www.goodreads.com


2. Photos of what someone is eating for dinner every night this week.

Sony Pictures / Via http://elitedaily.com

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a great food pic. But not if it’s of chicken and lettuce sitting in your Tupperware container.

3. Photos of a woman during labor.

NBC / Via http://s284.photobucket.com

I think we’ll all be much more pleased to just see a cute picture of the end result, not the process.

4. Photos with captions that say, “Like if you love God. Ignore if you hate God.”

Via http://thinkchristian.reframemedia.com

This isn’t written in ancient scripture anywhere, is it? “You must ‘like’ God on Facebook.

5. People who “like” photos with captions that say, “Like if you love God. Ignore if you hate God.”

The Walt Disney Company / Via http://loveinshallah.com

Yeah we’re talking about you, Grandma.

6. A status about how someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on them.

Via http://gifmethat.tumblr.com

Save it, buddy, we know you’ll be begging for them back tomorrow.

7. Anything regarding people’s sex lives.

NBC / Via http://letsreadsomeinternet.tumblr.com

Yeah, yeah we get it. You want everyone to know you’re getting some. But unless you’re Channing Tatum or something, please spare us the details.

8. Selfies with completely unrelated captions.

Paramount Pictures / Via http://bookriot.com

“Spending the day with Grandma!” … Aw, that’s really nice. Wait, where is Grandma in the picture?

9. Political comments from people who seriously don’t know what they’re talking about.

NBC / Via www.celebuzz.com

10. Rants about all the people who will be sorry when your Facebook friend becomes a doctor or a lawyer and is super rich.

Sony Pictures / Via www.quickmeme.com

11. People’s grades.

British Broadcasting Corporation / Via http://oh-so-lg.tumblr.com

Come on, don’t be that guy. Grades are meant for the refrigerator door, not the Facebook wall.

12. People stating the obvious (to anyone who’s watching) about things happening in tonight’s sports game.

MTV / Via relatablegifs.tumblr.com

13. Ambiguous statuses about someone’s unhappiness.

FOX / Via http://supercalifragilisticexpialidociouscornucopia.wordpress.com

Please, please tell me what’s wrong!

14. A status about which part of their body someone is working out today.

Via http://motivatedsquirrel.tumblr.com

Not only do we not care that you’re going to the gym, but even less do we care which set of limbs you will be focusing on while you’re there.

15. Some long, drawn out monologue of everything someone has been through in life and how much stronger they are for it.

Via http://www.cutenessbuddy.com

We’re all really happy for you, but please excuse me while I scroll past your post to find some pictures of cute puppies.

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