10 Times Your Grammar Obsession Almost Cost You Your Friends

You may have a natural knack for grammar, but self control is something you’re still working on.

10. When your friend tells you they want to be “apart” of something and you’re thinking that nobody should let them.

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9. When you immediately assume that anyone who says they “could care less” is unintelligent.

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8. When you’re getting to know someone over text and you refuse to give them a chance if they mix up “then” and “than”.

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7. When you refuse to “like” or retweet any social media post with grammar mistakes because you do not, in fact, enjoy them.

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6. When you should be giving advice but you’re too busy thinking about how your friend just said, “Isn’t that the worse?”

DreamWorks / Via entertainment.ie

5. When you’re listening to your friend speak and you become distracted by wondering whether they know if “effect” or “affect” was correct in their sentence.

Working Title Films / Via pandawhale.com

4. When you receive a birthday card with an error and it takes everything in you to ignore it.

3. When you actually start hating your friend for trying to quote “Titanium” on their Facebook status but instead they write, “I’m bullet proof, nothing too loose.”

ABC / Via www.imagesbuddy.com

2. When you furiously refuse to accept an invitation because it came in the form of this sentence: “You can come with her and I.”

TriStar Pictures / Via weheartit.com

1. When you’re arguing through text and your friend tells you that “your an idiot” and you’re just like…

The Walt Disney Company / Via disneyunderstands.tumblr.com

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