Feminism Explained By “Mean Girls”

Because that’s just like, the rules of feminism.

1. Sometimes people tell me they aren’t feminists, and first I’m like…

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2. Then I realise a lot of the time it’s because they’re just confused about what feminism actually is.

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3. So I explain it to them.

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4. Feminism is the simple belief that women should be equal to men.

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5. Crazy right?

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6. In the past feminists have fought for things like women’s education and employment…

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7. The right to vote and own property…

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8. The right to safe contraception and abortion…

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9. And protection of women from sexual and domestic violence.

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10. In fact, so many of the rights women have today were fought long and hard for by feminists. Yet so many people dismiss the movement?

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11. And the fight isn’t over. In fact the pay gap between women and men has increased recently.

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12. Women are still underrepresented and overlooked in so many industries.

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14. Feminism is also concerned with issues like the sexual objectification of women…

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Which means only viewing woman as sexual objects, and not as whole people.

15. Rape culture and victim blaming…

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Rape culture acknowledges that elements of our society and the way we talk about sexuality and sexual violence against women encourages this behaviour. For example, blaming victims of sexual assault by asking them questions like if they were “asking for it” or what they were wearing absolves the person who committed the assault.

16. And slut shaming.

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Or shaming and judging women for having and enjoying sex, something men are expected to do and enjoy.

17. There are many common misconceptions about feminism.

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18. Like that feminists can’t wear lipstick or shave their legs.

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*I do both and I’m a feminist

19. But feminism is just about empowering women so they can make their own choices.

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20. Like in all ideologies, not all feminists agree on everything.

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21. But in the end, they’re all fighting for the same thing — equality.

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22. Now go out and fight the patriarchy!

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