16 Reasons We Love Fitzgerald Grant III

Once you get past the cheating and the murdering, what is there not to love about the beautiful POTUS?

1. First and foremost, he is smoking hot.

http://abc.com / Via abc.go.com

2. He gives beautiful speeches to Liv in the Rose Garden.

You own me. You control me. I belong to you = Swoon.

3. He walks like this:

Get it, Fitz.

4. He says the most romantic (and maybe slightly immoral) things.

I mean, isn’t that what every girl dreams of hearing?

5. He looks like this in a green cable knit sweater.

Not every man can pull off sweaters. But, Fitz sure can.

6. He looks like this without the green cable knit sweater.

7. He is THE POTUS! He is the most powerful man in the world! That’s pretty attractive.


8. He has great hair and a super cute smile.


9. He built Liv a freaking house!!

When it seemed like it might actually be possible for Olitz to be together, Fitz had a beautiful house built for the two of them in Vermont - so that they could just be a normal couple. The house was gorgeous!

10. He calls Olivia Pope - Livvie. So cute.

11. He plays basketball like a boss.

ABC / Via http://scandalmoments.tumblr.com

12. He has cute phone conversations with Olivia.

ABC / Via http://scandalmoments.tumblr.com

13. He knows that he needs Olivia.

ABC / Via http://scandalmoments.tumblr.com

14. He shows so much emotions in his beautiful eyes.

ABC / Via http://scandalmoments.tumblr.com

One Minute…

15. He wants to protect Olivia above all else.

ABC / Via http://scandalmoments.tumblr.com

He even gave her an emergency code, so she could be brought to the bunker if needed. How nice of him.

16. He survived an assassination attempt and is still looking pretty darn good.

ABC / Via http://scandalmoments.tumblr.com

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