31 Things You Can Expect To See On “The Bachelorette” Finale

Tears, tears, and oh yeah more tears.

1. The show will open with the beloved Chris Harrison saying something along these lines in a candle lit studio.

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You might have to ask yourself if you are prepared for the emotional roller coaster that is the next three hours.

2. That will then be followed up with Andi on a beach reflecting on her, “Amazing journey to find love.”

3. Will her husband be the nerdy and mysterious Nick…

4. Or will it be Josh, the ex athlete with the freakishly huge smile.

5. When talking about both men the only adjective she will have is…

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6. The men will then meet her parents and greet them with flowers that were ripped out of a garden.


Spolier alert: Her parents will grill both men but will most likely tell Andi that they are both wonderful!

7. Oh, and then they will get into a helicopter and go to an island that is just for them.


8. Cue weird under water make out scenes and voice overs talking about falling in love. Like real, true, hitting home runs over the fence type of love.

This is the part where you may ask yourself why you are still watching this.

9. Then the night comes and the final hard hitting questions will be asked.

10. Other hard questions will be asked too and Andi will make this face the entire time.


11. Bonus points will be awarded to the guy who uses the most cliché line to proclaim their love to Andi.

12. They just, you know, click!

13. With lines like that how could they not have one final steamy make out before reality sets in. After all, this IS reality!

14. But wait, it will get better! One of them will make a small gift for Andi in their last attempt to truly win her heart.

15. Andi will then say this after receiving the gift.

16. But then the world comes crashing down when moments of self doubt start to sink in.

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17. The tears will start to fall…

18. And it all just becomes so hard.


19. Like really REALLY hard.


20. She will continue to cry-talk about her torn heart as she stands in front of the ocean.


21. By the next morning she will have made her decision and it will be like all that crying was really for nothing.

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22. The two men will sit down with good ol’ Neil Lane to pick out a beautiful ring to give to their so called, “soul mate.”


Fun Fact: 9 times out of 10 Neil gets the ring back.

23. The guys won’t be able to find the words to express anything.

24. When proposal day arrives Chris Harrison will greet the men with a smile and essentially try to hide the giddiness of what’s about to happen.

25. Sadly, one of the men will not get down on one knee because he just isn’t the one. Hard feelings will be felt.

26. They will drive away in a limo crying and questioning everything they have ever believed in.

27. Tears during a limo confessional are always real.


28. Goodbyes are difficult but saying hello to a Neil Lane diamond ring is not.

29. The moment we all have been waiting for will arrive and we will either be happy or sad with the way it turned out.

Who will come out on top? Team Josh or Team Nick?

30. Don’t fret because after the proposal this wonderful show called “After The Final Rose” comes on where we either see a situation like this…

31. Or this…

ABC / Via

Here’s to hoping everyone makes it out of this one happy and in love!

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