Animals Wearing Ill-Fitting Clothing

It happens to the best of us.

1. This anteater who told you not to run this sweater through the dryer.

ID: 955235

2. This poodle who thinks all the bitches will love this.

ID: 955244

3. This Shiba Inu who is totally going to ace this interview.

ID: 955262

4. This dog who hasn’t heard that checked spandex is so not flattering.

ID: 955263

5. This cat who swears these overalls fit last spring.

ID: 955267

6. This pony who is suffering from buyer’s remorse.

ID: 955270

7. This French Bulldog who is getting back to his roots.

ID: 955276

8. THIS IS A KANGAROO WEARING PAJAMAS. It really doesn’t matter if they fit or not.

ID: 955266

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