16 Gloriously Zany Temporary Tattoos

Maybe a permanent tattoo is too big of a commitment. That’s okay, these adorable tats have your back. Or your arm.

1. For the hipster

Nothing says unique like a peg-leg cat wearing a sweater.

ID: 3535733

2. For the fantasy fanatic

Will this tattoo transport me to Middle Earth?

ID: 3535516

3. For the cat lover

And he’s even got a jug of milk, how cute.

ID: 3535654

4. For the sarcasm aficionado

No, really, I’m listening.

ID: 3535866

5. For the florist

Dress up or dress down, it’ll look great with pretty much anything.

ID: 3535476

6. For the animal lover

Run, Mr. Fox, run.

ID: 3535490

7. For the showstopper

Guarantee no one else at the party will be wearing this.

ID: 3535482

8. For the night owl

Moonlight even during the day.

ID: 3535432

9. For the globetrotter

The world at your fingertips.

ID: 3535442

10. For the Pocahontas wannabe

Flit, is that you?

ID: 3535528

11. For the ocean adventurer

But this jellyfish won’t last long underwater.

ID: 3535552

12. For the minimalist

A funky little bear to keep you company.

ID: 3535630

13. For the art enthusiast

Dali inspired.

ID: 3535679

14. For the homebody

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

ID: 3535874

15. For the mountaineer

You won’t have to take a hike to show off your style.

ID: 3535893

16. For the foodie

The breakfast club.

ID: 3535643

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