Who Knew Striped Hyena Cubs Were Just About The Cutest Thing Ever?

These three little striped hyena cubs were rescued in Nairobi about a month ago.

1. I think it’s safe to assume that when most people think of hyenas, these guys are the first thing to come to mind.

Oh, Ed. You lovable idiot. I think you have a lot in common with Ryan Lochte, but that’s a whole separate article.

2. BUT LOOK AT THESE LITTLE DUDES. So tiny. So stripey. So full of squee!

3. I mean, look at that face. You’re starting to wonder if you could have one as a pet, aren’t you?

4. Rawr! I’mma get you, blanket.


5. Show me an animal with cuter stripes. I dare you.

6. And finally, I give you TINY FEET. Tiny feet are always adorable.

It’s the 703rd rule of the internet.

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