21 Of The Most Romantic Things You Could Say To An ’00s Girl

Your hair looks sexy pushed back.

1. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

New Line Cinema

2. “To me, you are perfect.”

Universal Pictures

3. “It’s you.”


4. “You felt it back there, didn’t you?”

Universal Pictures

5. “I want to be with you more than an electron wants to extract a proton.”

Columbia Pictures

6. “I’d tap that.”


7. “You’re like the coolest person I’ve ever met and you don’t even have to try.”

Fox Searchlight Pictures

8. “I’m a cuddler.”

9. “Your hair looks sexy pushed back.”

Paramount Pictures

10. “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.”


11. “My heart starts pounding every time I see you.”

Fox Searchlight Pictures

12. “I think you deserve more than what you settle for.”

20th Century Fox

13. “Do you want to dance with me?”

New Line Cinema / Via

14. “You’re my best friend.”

20th Century Fox

15. “Sorry I waited for the rain.”

Warner Bros. Studios

16. “Look how good our skin looks next to each other. It’s beautiful.”

Touchstone Pictures

17. “Your eyes are really beautiful.”

Warner Bros. Pictures

18. “Just for the record, I was only staring at your ass for the first 15 minutes.”

Touchstone Pictures

19. “Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?”

Warner Bros. / Via

20. “You saw me when I was invisible.”

Walt Disney Pictures

21. “You’re my exception.”

New Line Cinema

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