29 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood Summer

Sun’s out, water gun’s out.

1. Blasting your friends with SuperSoaker

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2. Slipping down a Slip-N-Slide

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And adding soap to make it more slick.

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3. Running through a sprinkler

Flickr: good_day / Via Creative Commons

While wearing all of your clothes.

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4. Riding around on a Razor scooter

Flickr: suhendralie / Via Creative Commons

And having to wear shoes because the brake would burn your bare feet.

ID: 3087909

5. Drawing with sidewalk chalk

Flickr: kenwilcox / Via Creative Commons

You were a legitimate ARTIST.

ID: 3087929

6. Chasing after an ice cream truck

Flickr: amls / Via Creative Commons

The hardest decision of your life was trying to decide what type of ice cream to order.

ID: 3087948

7. Hopping over the Skip-It

And the pain you would feel when it accidentally hit your leg.

ID: 3087972

8. Getting around using roller blades

Flickr: niclindh / Via Creative Commons

Getting around your neighborhood was suddenly so much easier.

ID: 3087993

9. And turning your neighborhood into a skate park with your roller skates

Flickr: cheesy42 / Via Creative Commons

And the scars you still have from your falls.

ID: 3088219

10. Driving around with your Power Wheels

Flickr: camknows / Via Creative Commons

And all the ROOM you had for your other toys to ride with you!!

ID: 3088017

11. Using your jump rope in the backyard

Flickr: loonyhiker / Via Creative Commons

Cinderella dressed in yellow…

Went downstairs to kiss her fellow.

ID: 3088026

12. Having a Nerf Gun war

Flickr: tomascosauce / Via Creative Commons

And then trying to find all the darts.

ID: 3088035

13. Taking your Mermaid Barbie to the pool with you

Flickr: 15157516@N02 / Via Creative Commons

And pretending you were both mermaids, hanging out.

ID: 3088049

14. Wearing water floaties

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ID: 3088059

15. Spending hours in a kiddie pool

Flickr: hownowdesign / Via Creative Commons

The water was always warm and welcoming.

ID: 3088068

16. Driving up and down your sidewalk in your Cozy Coupe

Flickr: moov4 / Via Creative Commons

Your FIRST car.

ID: 3088079

17. Going down a water slide

Flickr: blackjag / Via Creative Commons

And the fear you felt as you began to get closer to the bottom of the slide.

ID: 3088408

18. Walking around in your Moon Shoes


And how freaking cool you felt wearing them.

ID: 3088101

19. Taking “pictures” on your Fisher Price Toy Camera

Flickr: drocksays / Via Creative Commons

And your parents being glad you couldn’t ACTUALLY take pictures.

ID: 3088120

20. Jumping on the trampoline

Flickr: danielrthompson / Via Creative Commons

And having dirty feet all summer because of it.

ID: 3088310

21. Watching your Sky Dancer dolls fly

And making them fly again and again.

ID: 3088164

22. Making Sno-Cones with the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

Which made the best Sno-Cones ever, obviously.

ID: 3088184

23. Learning to ride your bike with training wheels

Flickr: moominmolly / Via Creative Commons

And the moment when you left the training wheels behind.

ID: 3088319

24. Having water balloon fights

Flickr: dmdzine / Via Creative Commons

And seeing the aftermath of balloon pieces all over the yard.

ID: 3088269

25. Listening to music outside on your Discman

Flickr: mpolla / Via Creative Commons

And having your music skip every time you ran.

ID: 3088293

26. Catching fireflies

Flickr: theloushe / Via Creative Commons

And being amazed at how your hand lit up.

ID: 3088323

27. Eating otter pops

Flickr: jek-a-go-go / Via Creative Commons

And asking everyone if your tongue was a different color after eating one.

ID: 3088451

28. Having your parents apply sunscreen

Flickr: brownpau / Via Creative Commons

And having to reapply it EVERY TIME you swam.

ID: 3088468

29. And playing with sparklers every July

Flickr: schtumple / Via Creative Commons

And still, to this day, being amazed by the designs you drew in the air with them.

ID: 3088478

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