21 Things That Would Definitely Offend ’90s Girls

Talk to the hand.

1. “Oh really, you saw yourself as a Sporty Spice? I would’ve pegged you as more of a Scary …”

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It is NOT cool to question a ’90s girl’s former choice of Spice Girl identification. If she says she is Baby Spice, Posh Spice, or what have you: SHE IS THAT SPICE.

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2. “Mall Madness was totally superficial.”

No it wasn’t. It taught you valuable things like money management. And how to power-shop a sale.

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3. “Cher was like, so, annoying.”

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4. “I can’t believe anyone actually wore anything from the Delia’s catalog.”

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It’s all I wore and it’s all coming back. Brace yourself.

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5. “Your Tamagotchi probably went to Hell. And it is still there. Hating you every day for murdering it.”

What, and yours is smiling at you from Tamagotchi Heaven?

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6. “Gwen Stefani looked horrible with braces. I can’t believe she went out in public like that.”

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OR: She was awesome for not giving a shit.

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7. “Jack Dawson isn’t even hot.”

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I can’t even.

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8. “Dream Phone was a dumb game.”

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It was literally the funnest game ever and I am still planning my wedding to Dan. You are no longer invited.

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9. “You were totally Annie.”

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10. “No, Sassy was not the best teen magazine ever.”

Nice try.

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11. “I think this Hard Candy nail polish is just as cool as the ’90s version.”

You clearly have no idea what Hard Candy even is.

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12. “Lisa Frank products were SO UGLY.”

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You clearly have no taste.

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13. “Girl Power is an anti-feminist idea that capitalized on naive girls and their allowances.”

It’s a valid form of feminism. Sort of. But you wouldn’t understand.

ID: 3596752

14. “I see you as more of a Dawson girl. Definitely not Pacey.”

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15. “Mary-Kate and Ashley were like not even that entertaining.”

I beg to differ. But also consider that they were like the richest 11-year-olds ever and are now awesome businesswomen. Dualstar forever!

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16. “Leo’s performance in Romeo + Juliet was horrible.”

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What is wrong with you.

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17. “TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ song makes my ears bleed.”

Then I guess you’re a guy who definitely can’t get no love from me. BYE.

ID: 3596784

18. “You had an American Girl doll? Your parents probably spent half your college fund on it.”


ID: 3596804

19. “I mean, was the tree house from Now and Then really all that great?”

It was amazing and no I have not personally been inside it but shut up please I do not like you.

ID: 3596817

20. “Cory and Topanga’s relationship was totally unrealistic.”

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You’re unrealistic.

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21. “Body glitter never looked good on anyone.”

Brenda Chase/Online USA, Inc.

UM, you obviously didn’t see me in the ’90s. Rocked that shit.

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