13 Things That Only Aaron Carter Understands

Ain’t nobody do it like Aaron can.

1. People don’t always appreciate your hard work.

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2. That people shouldn’t fuck with you if you ride dirt bikes.

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3. That a career is about more than random follows from Aaron Carter.

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4. That it’s OK to be confident in your work.

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5. That it is OK to ask for likes.

Go like this photo! Show the love!! http://t.co/jVyZ2f4WqU

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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6. No, seriously.

Seriously y'all been slacking.

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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7. That sometimes you just have to state facts.

The fact Of the matter is I'm cool as shit. My house parties rule the decades, and my fans love me. And my ... http://t.co/NAkSC4YFy6

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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8. And some people just don’t get it.

Some people are just entirely to ignorant for me.

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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9. That you have to understand what is important in relationships.

Where everyone else fails to be nice and take things to heart. My amazing girlfriend succeeds and is light hearted and treats me like a king

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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10. And that you have to always remember what you deserve.

I'm tired as fudge and really sick of people right and their stupid insinuations and comments. I work really hard and don't deserve it.

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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11. That you don’t have to try to be nice.

My tour managers says to me just now... "You're so nice to people" my response. If you're not nice you're trying if your nice ur not trying.

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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12. That sometimes you can’t help it you’re so popular.

Lol someone just tweeted me Unfollowing aaron carter because of his weird tweets. I tried to tweet back but I have to many tweets coming in.

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
ID: 2802412

13. And that above all, you always have to be yourself.

I like numerous amounts of girls!! Hate it or love it that's just me #aaroncarter

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter)
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Chris Weeks / Via Getty Images
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