12 Moments Every Ticklish Person Knows All Too Well

Tickle me HELL NO.

1. The moment of terror when someone asks if you’re ticklish.

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Act cool, act cool, act cool.

2. The moment of panic when you realize they’re coming to tickle you.

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Do I have time to bolt?!?

3. The moment of desperation as you ask them not to tickle you.

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I am begging you.

4. The moment when you realize they are still coming toward you.

I am not joking. Stop. It.

5. The moment of distress as they begin tickling you.

Oh god, here we go. Oh god.

6. And then the moment of intense anger you experience when they do not stop.


7. The moment when your arms and legs begin to flail as they continue to tickle you.

Oh god…

8. Then the moment of pure despair as you get violent.

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I tried to warn you.

9. The moment of shock when they realize you actually just got kind of violent.

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This really isn’t my fault.

10. And the moment of relief as you realize that they have stopped tickling you.

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Is it really over?! Am I safe?

11. The awkward moment as they back away from you slowly.

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You got what you deserved.

12. And the moment you breathe a sigh of relief as you realize you taught them a lesson about ticklish people.

Don’t ever tickle me again…or else.

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