15 Problems Only Women Who Are Taller Than Their S.O. Will Understand

To wear heels or to not wear heels, that is the question.

1. Trying to get a cute picture together and fit both of you in the picture is a bit of a task, to say the least.

2. You want to wear heels a lot, but ultimately decide against it because you don’t want to completely tower over your S.O.

You’re being selfless.

3. Trying to walk and hold hands at the same time is nearly impossible so you have to compromise.

4. And walking with your arms around each other is just out of the question.

5. When you try to wear their clothes, it just doesn’t work out like it’s supposed to…

6. And piggy back rides aren’t *really* an option.

:: hits head on ceiling ::

7. Hugging can be a bit awkward, as your S.O. is basically just shoving their face into your boobs.

Which is fine like, sometimes, but maybe not at Target.

8. You see online pictures of couples and then you’re like, lol, yeah.

:: tries to find someone taller than yourself, finds only a horse ::

9. And basically, people are always like, “Wow you’re like, WAY taller than your boo! LOL! Is that weird?”

Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment

And you’re all like… “Are you still talking?”

10. Spooning doesn’t always work out, so you get creative with your cuddles.

11. You try to be cute sometimes, and it ends up in a bit of a disaster.

:: tries to kiss your forehead, kisses your chin instead ::

12. People stare at you when you’re out.

But really it’s just because they can’t believe the FLAWLESS couple they’re seeing.

13. You can’t share a bathtub with anyone for cute candle-lit bathing sessions because you barely fit in the tub yourself.

14. Same goes for cuddling on the couch.

15. And as much as you love your S.O., deep down when you see someone over 6 foot, you light up inside.


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