The 16 Best Emoji Sexts To Ever Happen

Put your eggplant in my peach.

2. This person getting creative, asking for some slow kisses.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed

3. This person who lets the emoji say it all.

Christian Zamora for BuzzFeed

4. This person predicting the future.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

You’re getting luck tonight. ;) ;)

5. This person asking about second base.

6. And this person taking initiative.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed

7. This person giving credit where credit is due.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed

8. This person inquiring about the Mile High Club.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

9. And this person creating the future.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed

10. This person asking the important questions.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

11. And this person getting sweet.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

12. This person being honest.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed

Dayum, you’re a 100.

13. This person that doesn’t waste any time.

14. And these people that know just what to say.

15. This person with offers that are hard to resist.

16. And this person that just got straight to the point.

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Staff Writer, Slytherin
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