The 16 Best Emoji Sexts To Ever Happen

Put your eggplant in my peach.

1. This person making plans.

ID: 3605287

2. This person getting creative, asking for some slow kisses.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605350

3. This person who lets the emoji say it all.

Christian Zamora for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605453

4. This person predicting the future.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

You’re getting luck tonight. ;) ;)

ID: 3605354

5. This person asking about second base.

ID: 3605462

6. And this person taking initiative.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605340

7. This person giving credit where credit is due.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605382

8. This person inquiring about the Mile High Club.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605383

9. And this person creating the future.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605417

10. This person asking the important questions.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605421

11. And this person getting sweet.

Lara Parker for BuzzFeed
ID: 3605423

12. This person being honest.

Matthew Bryant for BuzzFeed

Dayum, you’re a 100.

ID: 3605451

13. This person that doesn’t waste any time.

ID: 3605466

14. And these people that know just what to say.

ID: 3605457

15. This person with offers that are hard to resist.

ID: 3605332

16. And this person that just got straight to the point.

ID: 3605338

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