Cole Sprouse Is Trolling His Fans In The Best Way Possible

Sometimes revenge is suite.

1. You might recognize Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment

2. Since the show, he’s certainly grown up (HELLLLLLO) and moved on from acting but that doesn’t stop people from recognizing him from the show.

Josie Simonet / Via

3. But now when people recognize him and try to snap his picture, he snaps theirs first.

4. He got this guy in the elevator.

5. And this guy on the public transit.

6. This girl was caught pretty easily.

7. And he even noticed this girl, even though she was being hella sneaky.

8. This girl got caught red-handed in the middle of her family dinner.

9. And he got this girl, who didn’t even try to be sneaky.

10. Bottom line is, if you think you’re being sneaky when you try to snap a picture of a celebrity, you aren’t.

11. And don’t worry, it looks like we can expect more from Cole soon.

I know I don't update @camera_duels enough, I will soon. In the mean time, check out @sprousemasterworks or @olekingcoleprouse #instagram

— Cole M. Sprouse (@colesprouse)

12. #LeaveColeAlone


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