17 Things Cher And Dionne Taught Us About Being Friends

Think there’s a better friendship out there? As if.

Remember Cher and Dionne? They were the ICONIC best friends from Clueless.

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They are, essentially, the greatest example of best friendness since, well, ever.

We can all stand to learn a few things from them.

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1. A true friend knows and understands the #struggle.

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2. And a true friend knows EVERYTHING about you.

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Yes, even that.

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3. And being best friends means always providing a lunch date.

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Never Chipotle-ize alone.

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4. Being a best friend means SHARING THE HORROR.

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…And the horror is usually about dating, let’s be honest.

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5. If your bestie has an enemy, you have one too.

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6. Best friends ALWAYS know how to put a smile on one another’s faces.

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Even if you just realized you’re wearing a truly hideous choker. You still smile. Because you’re best friends, damnit.

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7. Best friends share a spectacular sense of style and know how to WORK. IT.

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Committing to plaid-on-plaid requires support.

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8. A true friend won’t judge you. But will judge WITH you.

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Using lots of emojis.

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9. And true friends share the same interests.

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And refuse to hide their enthusiasm for them.

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Rule #1 of BFFness.

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11. Besties share secrets and unfortunate but ballsy hat decisions.

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No risk, no reward.

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12. And they love gossiping and schemin’ some schemes together.

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I mean, always for the good of womankind.

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13. Best friends can never talk TOO often.

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You spend 97.6% of the day gchatting your BFF and that’s just fine.

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14. And they’re always sharing their great advice and tips for life.

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Un. E. Quivocal.

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15. They’re one another’s workout buddy.

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Because your best friend is, like, committed to your health and well-being and coordinating gym outfits and all that.

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16. They know exactly what you’re thinking without you having to say a single word.

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17. And, no matter what, they are always honest with each other.

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