A Guy On Facebook Live-Status’d The Harry Potter Movies

… and it was glorious. Truth bombs were dropped. Arguments were made. Friends were lost. In the aftermath I like to think we all learned something about ourselves. At the very least, we learned a hell of a lot about Harry Potter.

1. It began quietly enough…

ID: 1410064

2. But we quickly realized… this would be no ordinary set of status updates…

ID: 1410068

3. By movie 3… support was flooding in

ID: 1410076

4. But the haters began to emerge as well

ID: 1410079

5. But nothing held Pete back from making the best Facebook statuses of 2013

ID: 1410086

6. He made some pretty good points.

ID: 1410094

7. And lines were drawn in the sands of friendship.

ID: 1410095

8. *Cue the Law and Order sound* Monday morning. One day of statuses has passed.

ID: 1410096

9. Movie 5 was full of realizations.

ID: 1410101

10. By Monday night I turned off the TV completely, made popcorn, and watched my newsfeed for 3.5 HRS. Because YOLO.

ID: 1410107

11. This is Tuesday now people, the third day of statues.

ID: 1410109


ID: 1410110

13. With so little of the movies left, I found myself getting all sentimental…

ID: 1410114

14. But one of Pete’s final statuses made it all ok again.

ID: 1410117

After 3 days, over 70 Harry Potter related status updates and countless angry Facebook citizens, it was over. Pete was a Facebook legend.

ID: 1410133

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