10 Ways Being Single Is Better Than Dating

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We all know breaking up is a tragic and numbing experience. But what about post-breakup? What about when your life as a single human being suddenly sets in and you’re ready to take on the world? With no one to answer to, being single is the best reward after a break up.

2. 1. You can enjoy singledom with other single friends.

3. 2. You don’t have to be afraid to show yourself off.

5. 3. Look at all the shiny new toys.

6. 4. You can let it all hang out.


8. 6. No one to answer to. No texting all day. No phone calls at night. You can just do you.

9. 7. Parties are more fun.

10. 8. You’re in the weirdest and happiest of moods.

11. 9. Flirting and looking is acceptable again.

14. 10. You’re more confident when you’re ready to jump back in the game.

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