14 Reasons To Have Valentine’s Day At Home This Year

Restaurants don’t care about your love. Avoid the insanity of the 14th and make it a perfect night with K-Y Date Night.

1. Your apartment’s never booked up a month in advance.

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2. There are no prix fixe menus…

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3. …that often contain something you’d never order ever ever — WHAT IS THIS EVEN?

ID: 2257941

4. The wine isn’t bottled in gold.

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5. Flower salesmen are nowhere to be found.

ID: 2257743

6. It isn’t packed with couples proving they’re the most fun.

ID: 2258061

7. Thankfully, home is a glorious place where you can do whatever you want.

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8. You won’t get side-eye for drinking straight out of the bottle.

ID: 2258329

9. Want to eat with your hands? GO RIGHT AHEAD.

ID: 2257972

10. You can open champagne corks with as much dramatic flair as you want.

ID: 2257849

11. You can cover the whole living room with candles, and no “restaurant fire codes” can stop you.

ID: 2257873

12. Of course you can cover everything with rose petals.

ID: 2297375

13. No one minds if you eat your food all sexy like.

ID: 2256101

14. And you’ll be dining right next door to your bedroom.

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