Oh hey, look. A bunch of people who have no idea…

Oh hey, look. A bunch of people who have no idea what OCD actually is. “It’s like, when you get annoyed that stuff is out of order, right?” Christ, you people are so fucking ignorant. Probably the same idiots who get sad and think they have depression or have a mood swing one day and go, “sorry, I’m bi-polar.” That’s not how psychological disabilities work. Also, if you find these images to bother you to a degree than you can’t look at them (and not just a minor annoyance that something about them is off), you more than likely have OCPD, not OCD. In fact, ~90% of the behavior people make offhand OCD remarks about is actually indicative of OCPD behavior, not OCD. There is a pretty big difference between the two disabilities. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocpd But hey, why educate yourselves when you can be a presumptuous asshole, right? As a sufferer of OCPD myself, there’s nothing I enjoy more than someone trivializing my disability by trying to relate to it because they’re “totally OCD too!” It’s like walking up to a person in a wheelchair and telling them you totally feel where they’re coming from because one time you twisted your ankle. Thanks for understanding bro. You clearly know what all this is about.

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