As Red Sox And Bruins Cancel Games, Lockdown Has Boston’s Symbols Of Resilience Under Wraps Too

The Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins have been outlets for collective emotion since the Boston Marathon bombings, but the city’s teams aren’t above the lockdown.

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Most cities have close bonds with their sports teams, but Boston’s goes above and beyond. And the Red Sox, the Bruins, and the Celtics have been symbols of resilience and city pride since the bombings on Monday. But, of course, these teams’ home games are also massive public gatherings and, therefore, security risks.

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Just before the Boston Marathon bombing, the Red Sox played in the annual Patriots’ Day game at Fenway Park. Now, the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo is reporting that, because of the citywide lockdown resulting from the currently ongoing manhunt for Dzhohkar Tsarnaev, tonight’s Red Sox game against the Kansas City Royals has been canceled. It would’ve been the first home game since the bombing.

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David Ortiz said he was informed that tonight’s game has been cancelled.— Nick Cafardo

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Meanwhile, the Bruins were also scheduled to play tonight in Boston, but it appears that that game has been canceled as well. During the Bruins’ home win on Wednesday — the only professional sports game to happen since the attack — the crowd opened by singing the National Anthem.

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As for the Celtics, the NBA playoffs start Saturday, when they’ll visit the Knicks in New York. The series will return to Boston Friday, April 26, and Sunday, April 28.

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