Which Manu Ginobili Wizard Pass Is More World-Shattering?

This guy is seriously not human.

1. Thursday night, the Spurs had a hell of a game to beat the Heat. But two of the top three highlights both came from Manu Ginobili. And they were both passes. Here’s the first:

ID: 1250511

2. Let’s get a little snug with that camera. That’s right: Ginobili throws the ball threw Norris Cole’s legs. There’s no way this could have been on purpose. But it doesn’t even matter.

ID: 1250528

3. Unbelievably, Manu topped himself later that quarter. Look at the english (spanish?) on this thing.

ID: 1250536

4. This is beautiful. I want it woven into a quilt. I want this pass to warm me in the dead of winter.

ID: 1250547

5. Manu Ginobili: actual wizard.

Jesse D. Garrabrant / Getty Images
ID: 1250668

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