This Soccer Player Might Literally Be A Zombie

I mean, Luis Suarez has bitten MULTIPLE dudes in his career. The numbers don’t lie.

There is a picture of soccer player Luis Suarez’s dignified chompers going around today. Want to know why?

Phil Noble / Reuters

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Because, in Sunday’s Liverpool game against Chelsea, Suarez decided it would be prudent to take an aggressive bite out of Branislav Ivanovic’s arm.

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Pretty outstanding how, after digging his canines into another man, Suarez gets up and seems to be like, “Yeah… yeah! I got fouled!”

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Suarez apparently called Ivanovic to apologize, but that didn’t stop Liverpool from fining him, and he could be getting a long long ban from English soccer pretty soon, marring what has otherwise been a great season.

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Here’s video of the play. This isn’t the first time Suarez has gotten in trouble as a Liverpool player; he was suspended eight matches for racially abusing a Manchester United player in 2011.

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In fact, this isn’t even the first time Suarez has BITTEN a dude. Back in 2010, as captain of Dutch side Ajax, Suarez bit Otman Bakkal and was banned seven matches.

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As if this isn’t enough evidence, we’ve uncovered EXCLUSIVE super-secret footage of Luis Suarez at home. This is Luis Suarez.

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It’s the Night of the Living Suarez.

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