This Is The Worst Possible Time To Tie Your Shoe

Mirza, buddy — you’ve got other things to worry about.

How do you really know a game is pointless? When stuff like this happens. The Nets hosted the Pistons in their last game of the regular season, and Mirza Teletovic got a little…distracted.

ID: 1087049

Instead of actually, you know, playing basketball, Teletovic decided to just tie his shoe on a Pistons free throw. So Andre Drummond threw the ball down hard, right in Teletovic’s face.

ID: 1087031

Just watch Teletovic realize he’s completely out of the basketball play happening around him. It’s like he came out of a trance.

ID: 1087042

Here’s the full video.

ID: 1087227

Look: falling asleep on the job, it happens to the best of us. Just ask this bunny.

ID: 1087089

Keep that head on a swivel, Bunny Teletovic.

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