This Is The NBA’s Best Supporting Actor

Harrison Barnes is the star of the NBA’s best dunk so far this year. But if we’re doing this Oscars-style, Carl Landry wins Best Supporting.

1. By now, you’ve probably seen it: Harrison Barnes threw down a Godzilla dunk in the face of Timberwolves big man Nikola Pekovic.

ID: 717714

2. But watching the dunk, something else stands out apart from Barnes’ ferocity, and that’s Carl Landry,

ID: 717732

3. After the NBA released a video of the slam from five different angles, it becomes even more apparent: Landry is the NBA’s Best Supporting Actor, a peerleader in the vein of Robert Sacre.

See a collection of Sacre’s finest peerleading moments here.

ID: 717715

4. Let’s take a closer look. From behind, you can clearly see Landry giving Pek a little lip after Barnes put him on a poster.

ID: 717787

5. And here, from the front, we can see the full extent of Landry’s emotions: joy, rage, excitement, empathy, love, hate. The full spectrum of human life is contained in Carl Landry’s peerleading.

ID: 717805

6. I’ll let the Academy take it from here.

ID: 717841

7. (Sidenote: the bench also gives a nomination-worthy effort.)


ID: 717861

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