These Guys Are The Goofiest Bench-Warmers In Basketball


1. The end of the bench on the Oklahoma Sooners appears to have taken it upon themselves to be the cheering squad for their playing-time teammates.

ID: 827367

2. Most of their reactions are pretty basic, like the one above. Sometimes, they get into miniature little routines, like the one below.

ID: 827443

3. But they pretty much peaked during the Sooners’ win over Texas. Up nine, Romero Osby hit a wide-open three-pointer that was only notable because Osby takes very few threes.

ID: 827324

4. That didn’t stop the Oklahoma bench from losing their damn minds and playing air guitar like deranged pre-teen Ramones.

ID: 827380

5. Just watch those two work the strings.

ID: 827358

6. Look at the ecstasy on their faces.

ID: 827385

7. Look at… this guy.

ID: 827403

8. Put that tongue away, Cowboy Shirt.

ID: 827472

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