The Ultimate Faces Of Relief

Memphis survived an upset bid from St. Mary’s. And boy, did they look relieved.

1. Down by five with seven seconds to go, 11-seed St. Mary’s hit this absurd bank three to get within two of 6-seed Memphis.

ID: 1005551

2. Then, even more absurdly, they forced Memphis to turn the ball over on the inbounds. All of a sudden, St. Mary’s had the opportunity to tie or win after being down by five seconds before.

ID: 1005555

3. Memphis was nervous, as you might expect.

ID: 1005598

4. But, after playing solid defense on the inbounds, Memphis forced a tough last-second heave that went long. Memphis wins a nail-biter, and those dudes were RELIEVED.

ID: 1005593

5. Relief Face #1: Triumphant Joy.

ID: 1005599

6. Relief Face #2: Disbelieving Shock.

ID: 1005606

7. Relief Face #3: Holy SHIT We Are Some Lucky Dudes

ID: 1005618

8. Relief Face #4: Oh My God I Need To Get Pumped To Play Basketball Again Because Right Now I Don’t Want To Play Basketball Ever Again

ID: 1005646

9. Relief Face #5: LOLOLOLOLOLOL

ID: 1005657

10. Relief Face #6: I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

ID: 1005684

11. Relief Face #7: Just Leave Me To My Thoughts

ID: 1005704

12. And Relief Face #8: Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Here Before They Change The Score

ID: 1005937

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