The Only GIF You Need To See Before Day 2 Of March Madness

Kansas is wilding out.

1. Ben McLemore is a freshman and the best player on the University of Kansas. He is also the best dancer. In the world. First, he gets things going in the Kansas locker room with a little running in place.

ID: 1007152

2. Then his teammates start to get in on the act. (Bonus points to seven-footer Jeff Withey, who’s wiggling in his seat in the background.)

ID: 1007155

3. Then all hell breaks loose: McLemore goes to 11, with Rio Adams and Elijah Johnson similarly upping the ante, plus the solid contributions of Shirtless Leg-Kick Dude.

ID: 1007161

4. Until the grand finale. That’s how you get hype.

ID: 1007169

5. Here’s video, complete with some completely wrong salsa music as accompaniment. If Kansas can channel this energy into the tournament, they’ll be unbeatable.

ID: 1007297

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