The Most Adorable Fan In The NBA Cheers For The Rockets

She’s waving to the fans and chewing on a complimentary T-shirt.

1. During the Rockets’ 125–103 drubbing of the Philadelphia 76ers, everyone in the Houston crowd seemed to be having a great time — one fan in particular.

ID: 764114

2. Coming out of a commercial break, the cameras revealed this overall-clad little girl taking in the game. Watch how she stays focused while everyone else’s attention shifts.

ID: 764115

3. Look how happy everyone around her is!

ID: 764121

4. Enjoy that complimentary T-shirt, little girl — you’ve earned it.

ID: 764122

5. Here’s the clip of her triumphant appearance on the Rockets’ broadcast, which is so powerful, it seems to silence the talkative TV commentators.

ID: 764119

6. How does the Rockets’ excellent star player, James Harden, feel about his team’s biggest fan?

Bob Levey / AP
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