The 11 Lowlights Of Tim Tebow’s Terrible Season As A New York Jet

Not that there were any highlights.

Enjoy this picture, because it’s the last you’ll see of Tim Tebow as a member of the New York Jets.

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The Jets cut Tebow this morning; he and the team have already unfollowed each other on Twitter, so you know it’s a real break-up. But this means it’s time to look back on what was a truly disastrous season for Tebow. Here are the 11 lowlights of his sad tenure as a Jet.

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1. The Jets trade for Tebow, and he says the word “excited” 44 times in his first press conference.

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Or, more than once for every two offensive snaps he would play during the season.

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2. Tebow has a terrible preseason and foreshadows the media circus his year will be when a shirtless run in the rain at training camp becomes a national story.

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3. During the first month of the season, after failing to win the starting job away from Mark Sanchez, Tebow lines up as a wide receiver and Sanchez throws the ball into his head.

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4. A fan (or teammate) sends Tebow a “You’re Special” balloon. The New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch sees it and tweets it.

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5. Tebow begins playing punt protection because the Jets can’t find a place on offense for him. He botches a fake punt.

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6. Tebow gets a full series on offense against the Titans late in the season. He fails.

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7. When Mark Sanchez is benched, the Jets elect to start Greg McElroy over Tebow. Tebow stands on the sidelines with Sanchez, looking incredibly awkward.

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8. Anonymous teammates tell the press that Tebow is “terrible.”

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9. ESPN readily admits that it badly handled its coverage of Tebow during the season.

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10. After the season is over, Tebow plans to speak at racist and homophobic pastor Robert Jeffress’ Dallas church, then withdraws due to criticism.

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11. And, most importantly: Jets coach Rex Ryan is photographed with a tattoo of his wife sexily wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. His wife is not sexily wearing a Tim Tebow jersey.

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Happy trails, Tim Tebow: whether it’s in the Canadian Football League, the Arena Football League, the NFL, or none of the above, the world will surely be watching.

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