Robert Griffin III Has A Howitzer For An Arm

In the course of the Redskins’ 31-6 shellacking of the miserable Eagles, RGIII threw two passes that need to be seen to be believed.

1. The first came a few minutes into the second quarter. Griffin winds up and bombs the pass downfield to a wide-open Aldrick Robinson.

ID: 701515

2. RGIII releases the ball from his own 42-yard-line.

ID: 701514

3. And it’s caught two or three yards into the end zone, meaning that the pass traveled about 60 yards in the air.

ID: 701513

4. Here’s video of the play, which put Washington up 14-3.

ID: 701520

5. But Griffin wasn’t done. With five minutes to go in the third and an 11-point lead, RGIII eludes a few pass rushers and barely winds up, chucking it downfield.

ID: 701518

6. Griffin releases the ball from his 32-yard-line.

ID: 701512

7. And it’s caught by Santana Moss on the Eagles’ 6-yard-line, then run in for a touchdown. That’s an astonishing 62 yards in the air.

ID: 701511

8. That TD — the third of Griffin’s four scores on the day — put Washington up 24-6, and they never looked back.

ID: 701523

RGIII’s line for the day? 14/15 for 200 yards and 4 touchdowns, plus 84 rushing yards on 12 carries. That’s basically perfect.

ID: 701534

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