Michael Phelps Is An "Amazing Lover"

Don’t take my word for it. Ask his girlfriend.

So: Michael Phelps has a girlfriend! Awww. His girlfriend’s name is Sarah Herndon, and she’s a 22-year-old waitress from California, and he met her when some club employees put her at his table. Awww². (Actually, hahahahaha of course.)

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2. Here is Sarah Herndon. (Apparently she found time to take a photoshoot during their vacation? Is this required of famous peoples’ new paramours? I don’t know how this works.)

Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner
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Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner
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4. And here is the happy couple together, with a lobster.

Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner
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But anyway, enough back-story: here’s the important part. Herndon gave a bunch of random fairly uninteresting quotes to The Daily Mail about him — “very cuddly and kissy,” “charming and a gentleman,” “confident,” “great sculpted body” (lol) — but the real soundbite comes second-hand.

“Things got steamy between Michael and Sarah on the trip and she reportedly told pals how he was an ‘AMAZING LOVER’.” (Emphasis ours.)

I mean, it’s a Daily Mail quote from “pals,” so keep that in mind. But still.

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