Mark Sanchez Had A No Good, Very Bad Day

Three interceptions. 97 yards. 0 points. Come along with us on a ride around the carousel of Mark Sanchez’s life.

1. This is NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez. Mark’s been having a rough season. The Jets suck, and Sanchez has been one of the league’s worst starting QBs — 55% completion rate, 10 interceptions.

Al Bello / Getty Images

2. Today, Sanchez and the Jets faced the Arizona Cardinals. It didn’t go well.

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3. He threw an interception on his first pass of the day.

4. He threw another interception before the first quarter even ended.

5. And he threw a third interception only five minutes of game-time later.

6. This gentleman shows how the Jets felt about Mark Sanchez’s performance.

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7. They weren’t very happy.

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8. Just really not happy at all.

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9. Meanwhile, a chant began to rise from the crowd. Mc-El-Roy. Mc-El-Roy. They were cheering for the Jets’ third-string passer, Greg McElroy.

Rich Schultz / Getty Images

10. But no matter how hapless the Jets have looked, the brass has stuck with Sanchez, even after bringing in the Football God Particle, Tim Tebow.

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11. Then — a glimmer of light in the darkness.

News: McElroy is warming up, Ryan said something to Sanchez after three-and-out. Looks like a change. #Jets

— RichCimini (@Rich Cimini)

12. Could it be? It could. New York’s long nightmare seemed to be coming to an end.

Sanchez is done. McElroy is going to come in. Crowd gets its wish. #Jets

— RichCimini (@Rich Cimini)

13. Almost makes you feel bad for him. Almost.

14. Sanchez gives his replacement a hug and sends him in. Will McElroy be a breath of fresh air? Or will the Jets continue to stagnate 9,000 miles underground?

15. Wait — could it be? It is! MCELROY THROWS A TOUCHDOWN!

16. In addition to this pass, McElroy played carefully and well, and the Jets ended up winning 7-6. But wait — how does Mark Sanchez feel about this?

17. Ahh. He’s writing poetry.

18. Mark Sanchez definitely had a worse day than you.

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