Mark Sanchez Had A No Good, Very Bad Day

Three interceptions. 97 yards. 0 points. Come along with us on a ride around the carousel of Mark Sanchez’s life.

1. This is NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez. Mark’s been having a rough season. The Jets suck, and Sanchez has been one of the league’s worst starting QBs — 55% completion rate, 10 interceptions.

Al Bello / Getty Images

2. Today, Sanchez and the Jets faced the Arizona Cardinals. It didn’t go well.

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3. He threw an interception on his first pass of the day.

4. He threw another interception before the first quarter even ended.

5. And he threw a third interception only five minutes of game-time later.

6. This gentleman shows how the Jets felt about Mark Sanchez’s performance.

Al Bello / Getty Images

7. They weren’t very happy.

Al Bello / Getty Images

8. Just really not happy at all.

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9. Meanwhile, a chant began to rise from the crowd. Mc-El-Roy. Mc-El-Roy. They were cheering for the Jets’ third-string passer, Greg McElroy.

Rich Schultz / Getty Images

10. But no matter how hapless the Jets have looked, the brass has stuck with Sanchez, even after bringing in the Football God Particle, Tim Tebow.

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13. Almost makes you feel bad for him. Almost.

14. Sanchez gives his replacement a hug and sends him in. Will McElroy be a breath of fresh air? Or will the Jets continue to stagnate 9,000 miles underground?

15. Wait — could it be? It is! MCELROY THROWS A TOUCHDOWN!

16. In addition to this pass, McElroy played carefully and well, and the Jets ended up winning 7-6. But wait — how does Mark Sanchez feel about this?

17. Ahh. He’s writing poetry.

18. Mark Sanchez definitely had a worse day than you.

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