If You Don’t Have A College Hand Puppet, Then You’re A Terrible Alum

This Wichita State fan knows what’s up.

1. Wichita State may have lost to Louisville, but at least their fans repped the Shockers HARD. No, not like that — I’m talking about this girl, and her hand puppet.

ID: 1049940

2. Just look at this thing. Where did she get it? What does it mean? Why don’t I have one? There are so many questions.

ID: 1049941

3. It looks like hand puppets DO exist for some other college teams, so if you’re not running out to buy one of these right now, you are a terrible fan.

ID: 1049946

4. I didn’t see any Louisville hand puppets in the stands. You know how the Louisville mascot feels about that?

ID: 1049993

5. #smdh

ID: 1049994

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