How To Streak At A Sporting Event And Get Away With It

If you’ve ever wondered how to run pantsless and not get arrested or tackled by a large, angry man, this is how.

1. Step 1: Wear a mask. Red works!

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2. Step 2: Run naked and fast across a football field. This part kind of goes without saying.

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3. Step 3: Begin evasive maneuvers.

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4. Step 4: Risk great bodily harm by hurling yourself over fences. Also, hope the cops trip.

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5. Step 5: Risk even greater bodily harm to climb a chain link fence with your manhood hanging free.

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6. Step 6: Have a getaway car waiting, and have it arrive at the perfect time.

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7. Step 7: PEACE.

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This happened during Seminole High School’s homecoming football game. Florida!

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9. Here’s the full video:

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