Holy Smokes Does Cam Newton Look Miserable

Dude… anything you want to talk about? Can I buy you a Sno-Cone?

1. Cam Newton is the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and one of the league’s marquee up-and-coming players. And during an offseason press conference, Cam was videobombed by one of his linemen, Jordan Gross.

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2. Solid ‘bomb, but what’s most interesting here has nothing to do with Jordan Gross’s antics. Look at Cam Newton’s face. Cam Newton is rich and famous, a rising star. So why does he look… so sad?

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3. :(

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4. And he doesn’t get any cheerier over the course of the videobomb.

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5. Seriously dude, what’s up? Was Steve Smith mean to you? He can be pretty mean. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

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It’s OK, Cam: Vernon Davis does both.

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