Here’s The Worst Baseball Slide Of The Season, By A Mile

Ian Kinsler: take a bow, buddy.

During Thursday’s Tigers-Rangers game, Elvis Andrus hit a routine singler to right field. Ian Kinsler ran from first to third. Everything seemed routine.

ID: 1185384

Seemed routine, that is, until the camera cut to Kinsler, lying facedown, his entire body past third base, only his toe touching the bag.

ID: 1185390

And then Kinsler sheepishly looks into the camera and grins. Something happened. What happened? WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME, KINSLER.

ID: 1185395

Well, his teammates are saying we should look at the replay. (Also, something about moose.) So let’s look at the replay.

ID: 1185446


ID: 1185488


ID: 1185449

Even Rangers manager Ron Washington is amazed. Instead of sliding in normally, Kinsler flops onto his stomach, rams his head into the bag, overshoots it by a yard, and then stabs at it with his foot. Just tremendous work.

ID: 1185572

And the best part about it is that Kinsler clearly realizes how goofy he looked.

ID: 1185686

Whatever works, Kinsler.

ID: 1185699

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